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Residence Hall(Dormitory)

Residence hall(Dormitory) opened in 1989 can accommodate for 407 people with 104 rooms as a building that consists of five floors above ground and one underground at the foot of Gwanggyo Mountain. Residence Hall has additional facilities such as a canteen, a reading room, a weight room, an iron and laundry room, a lounge. a table tennis room, a pool hall, and a washroom and a shower stall per floor. Residence hall plays an important part in creating an academic atmosphere within the school by providing the comfort and convenience of learning and living by the installment of heating and cooling equipment, and LAN cable per room.

Residence hall is a place where residents can care and love each other with a director as the center, and learn wisdom of life. The residence hall will the more beautiful and cleaner place not only for room and board but also for self-discipline and the future. The school will make a great deal of effort to make the life at this residence hall to be a beautiful memory of life for residents. The school plans to accomodate more students by expanding the facilities of residence hall annually to promote the convenience of learning and living and create an academic atmosphere.

Residence Hall Guidance

  • Move-in date : the beginning of each term
  • Application period : the end of each term (filling vacancies)
  • Application methods : the residence hall's Web site (http://kgudorm.kyonggi.ac.kr)
  • Eligibility/requirements : freshman and continuing students at Suwon campus, KyongGi Universtiy(both man and woman)
  • Documents for submission on move-in
    • Resident card(with a picture) or a list of equipments per room, a check-in checklist, a copy of a contract (refer to reference on residence hall homepage)
    • 2 recent pictures taken in 6 months(3 * 4cm) (no scanned picture)
    • 1 confidential health report (hepatitis A and B, TB)
      • Type of antibody should be marked.
      • No admission when unsuitable for a group life.
    • a copy of ID card(both front and back) or a copy of resident registration
    • a copy of a bank account in your name
  • Selection standard for admission
    • select applicants in the order of high scores after adding up Grade(50%) and commuting distance(50%)
  • announcement of admission
    • The Kyonggi University residence hall's Web site
    • Availability of phone call for verification
  • Registration procedures
    • Register according to the residence hall guidance on announcement of admission

Move-in Process

  • On-line Application
  • Review and announcement of admission
  • Payment of room and board fee
  • Room assignment with a key
  • Move-in, clean room, participation in an orientation

※ For additional information, contact the University Hosing Office(☎ 031-249-8961)