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Learning to research in a sophisticated way

The Graduate School, which was founded in 1979, aims to train students to contribute to their field by leading them to do well-planned research as well as to encourage character building. The Graduate School now offers doctoral degree programs in 48 departments and master degree programs in 69 departments.

Graduate School of Business Administration

The Graduate School of Business Administration opened courses of master degrees, research and higher education for CEOs. Also, the courses are available for management level employees who want to learn theory and the practices of business administration. The goals are to develop talented managers and creative experts needed for the advanced society of the 21st century. Opportunities are available to exchange culture and knowledge with Oxford University in England and the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing, China.

The Graduate School of Politics & Policy

The Graduate School of Politics & Policy offers courses for the studies of policy, economics, security and military politics. Also the courses are available for high-level government officers and graduate students who want to be leaders for solving unification problems peacefully and reasonably. Particularly, the goals are to develop experts who have the capability and knowledge required for solving internal and external security.

The Graduate School of Tourism & Hospitality

The Graduate School of Tourism & Hospitality is an alternative institute established to overcome the limits of traditional ways of education by differentiating goals, methods and others from original graduate schools and graduate schools of business administration. This program focuses on the education of actual practices neededfor leaders who can lead the tourism industry of the 21st century.

Graduate School of Public Administration

Modern society strongly requires leaders who have expert knowledge and creative leadership in any organization. The Graduate School of Public Administration was opened in March of 1985 to educate managers needed for leading public and/or individual organizations by concentrating knowledge, experience, wisdom, and energy of people and leaders for the development of the nation in better ways. Currently, 2-year master degree of public administration and 1-year special programs are available.

Graduate School of Education

The Graduate School of Education offers courses to educate talented educators who can lead the fundamental main structure of national education by studying theory and the practice of the founding ideals of the university - truth, sincerity, and love. The role of this graduate school is to produce educators, professors and leaders who can contribute to the innovation of education in the future.

The Graduate School of Industrial & Information Technology

Modern industries cannot advance without accepting advanced scientific and industrial technology happening according to rapidly advanced and changed industrial society like today. Therefore, it is necessary required to educate high level experts needed for leading high-tech industrial society. Graduate School of Industrial & Information Technology has the goal of educating high level experts who have creative capability for various industries by applying practical training with new theories and knowledge. Also, it runs master-degree courses to offer theory and practical education, research and education of advanced technology, and schoolindustry cooperation for practical use.

Graduate School of Architecture

The Graduate School of Architecture was opened on March 15, 1995 for the first time in the nation to educate architects who have expert knowledge of architecture and arts with actual practice in these fields.

  • Studio-style design education by adopting design director system
  • Crafstman-style education by operating machines for model

production at MODEL SHOP

  • Various levels of practical education by understanding materials' characteristics, application of technologies and creative structure
  • Various forms of communication and education by offering debate, CRITIQUW, special seminars.

The Graduate School of Arts & Design

The Graduate School of Arts & Design was re-opened in March of 2006 to educate experts who are the leaders of art and design of the 21st century by integrating the Graduate School of Traditional Art and the Graduate School of Formative Arts. This program can help the development of experts who can compete actively in Korea's rapidly changing future society, the study of school-industry cooperation in the field of arts and & design, and the development of traditional Korean arts.

The Graduate School of International Studies & Culture

The Graduate School of International Studies & Culture opened master degree programs, research programs and higher education to help students attain international expert knowledge and the capability needed for analyzing and forecasting the environmental factors affecting the stabilization of North-East Asia and peace on the Korean peninsula. Also, various opportunities are available for increasing specific academic knowledge by offering practical information in that field.

The Graduate School of Sports Science

Today's modern society requires more attention to health and people's participation in sports. According to this trend, the Graduate School of Sports Science was opened to educate talented sport leaders needed for a sport-oriented environment with wellstructured theory and scientific practices.

The Graduate School of Alternative Medicine

The most important benefits of applying alternative medicine is to increase the possibility of natural care of sicknesses by strengthening the human body's immunity without applying chemical medicine or surgery. The Graduate School of Alternative Medicine was opened to seek the endless possibilities of alternative medicine that originate from oriental medical study.

The Graduate School of Social Welfare

The Graduate School of Social Welfare was opened to educate social welfare experts who can understand various social problems and also have knowledge, experience, and a sense of value needed for establishing a well-run welfare organization.